Sara (blessedsmile) wrote in allabout_movies,


Hmm. Let's do movies I've seen recently:

My Date With the President's Daughter: cute. Predictable, but cute. It's got the whole aw how neat I wish it was me factor. A good movie to watch at sleepovers because it's not really necessary to pay attention the whole time to keep up with the plot, and has good conversation starters (ooh, bungee jumping would be so cool, etc)

Fahrenheit 9-11: Pretty funny, yet also a downer. Very manipulative, and I did</> leave the theater absolutely hating Bush. I mean, more than I did.

The Hours: Good movie, great acting. Especially powerful when you're overwhelmed and nearing nervous breakdown (I saw it first during such a time, which is prolly why I adore it so much).

Kill Bill: I didn't really get that INTO I felll asleep about a half hour in. I didn't think it was particularly bad, but I didn't really care about the characters. I think it was a turn off that I found out you wouldn't find out any of the motives unless you went and saw the second one.
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